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Smart City

Imagine the future of the cities

What do you know about smart cities?

All of us know that technology is progressing rapidly every day. We at Future Sky Equipment believe that people worldwide deserve to use the latest advanced technology. Today, technology has advanced to such an extent that we are moving towards smart cities. The idea of smart cities has been implemented in many major cities worldwide, such as Dubai. Since our company is located in Dubai, we can help you in this regard. If you'd like to experience the future right now, keep reading to know more.

Smart Home

Smart home technology and systems enable you to monitor, manage, and take control of appliances and systems, individual smart devices, entire rooms, or your whole home remotely, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Smart Building

The aim of smart buildings is to create a safe and comfortable environment for your occupants and tenants to keep them productive for ...

Smart Villa


With the expansion of demand for a home away from the city, the industry of the villa is now moving towards smart concepts and ...


Smart Office


We’re entering the age of smart office services, and more companies have become "smart." Smart workplaces and offices use ...


Smart Restaurant


Make your restaurant smarter with modern solutions. Our company offers smart technologies to boost operations in your restaurant ...


Smart Pool


With the touch of a button or the turn of a key, add a layer of safety to your pool, instantly! By installing a smart pool cover, you can keep your loved ones ...

Smart Waste Management

Smart cities created by using sensors that can read, collect, and transmit trash volume data over the Internet create an efficient system to save cities money ...

Smart Greenhouse

Smart greenhouses use sensors, conventional agricultural systems, and new IoT technologies to create a microclimate condition for consistent plant growth ...

Smart Booth


See and monitor how many people are in your stores and shopping malls. And the occupancy level, or limit the number of people ...


Smart Cinema


Our company provides you with advanced home theater systems that allow you to bring your family and friends together for a full entertainment experience ...

Join us to experience a better life.

Our company has about 20 years of practical experience in the production, installation, and repair of sensors, so we can quickly answer all your questions and needs in this field. We offer smart solutions in numerous areas, including the environment, health, geography, industries, agriculture, and traffic, and they are available to everyone. You can trust our experienced experts from the beginning to the end of this process. Smart and digital solutions make the future a reality today.

Be a smart citizen in smart cities.

Dubai Smart City has been one of the pioneers in smart cities. In this city, all kinds of facilities are smartly provided to the citizens. We can equip your home, villa, or building with smart technologies to make your life easier. These smart sensors and other technologies used in smart cities will improve the quality of residents’ lives. The smart solutions will help respond to the citizens’ needs and help them use their resources more sustainably. In smart cities like Dubai, energy consumption is saved, and related costs are reduced.


Do you like to experience living in a smart building? Select your smart building features by your desire and budget.


Do you know anything about advanced smart solutions for greenhouses? Control humidity, temperature, and energy consumption in the greenhouse to grow plants better.

Smart Municipality

Imagine living in a modern city with smart technologies. Smart municipalities provide facilities to improve citizens life quality.

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Make your business smart.

Do you like to develop your business in a smart city? In a smart city like Dubai, various companies, businesses, and places,such as offices, factories, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, greenhouses, warehouses, retail stores, big malls, etc., are equipped with sensors, IoT, and software.

In a smart city, you can control and manage all the devices for living and working remotely. Smart solutions will help monitor and track the waste collection system, energy consumption, security system, heating, lighting, humidity, smoke emissions, etc.


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