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Smart Container


Future of Places

Look at a container. It looks pretty simple. Generally, it has four walls and a roof. But if you are smart enough it could be more, much more. Here we convert containers to places to live like a home, a place to work like an office for engineers, a place to start a business like a coffee shop and many other things. Our mindset is convenience, reducing costs and smart technology.

Office & Management

Converted containers solve the problem of lack of space in office environment. Also, some jobs by nature need relocation after the project is done. So, they are a convenient solution for companies.

Store & Services

Cost efficiency is always important for store owners and small businesses. With converted containers setting up stores or launching ...

Sanitary Services


Fast and budget friendly sanitary spaces are the right solution for the public sector in busy cities of today. These sanitary containers are ...




A place to relax after a busy day or a dining room to complete a villa is all possible with a low cost and short delivery time with residential ...




In times of disaster or when medical cares should reach a remote area, building a traditional medical center is not possible.




In residential or business complexes, a convenient space for police or security staff can be a converted container to reduce ...


Farming & Storage

Today’s education system needs to be more flexible and versatile. Classes can be located in temporary locations and their building customized to the purpose ...



The new world requires new kind of entertainment and the youth want cooler and more modern locations for their hobbies.

Culture, Sport & Entertainment

The new world requires new kind of entertainment and the youth want cooler and more modern locations for their hobbies.

Advertisement & Exhibition

Modern marketing tool for offline efforts is here. Converted containers are cost efficient and portable assets to showcase products ...

Public Service


Public sector is always looking for a trouble free, robust and cost efficient solution for public places that are needed in urban environment. 

We Make Containers Smart.


We hear what you say. Just imagine the place you need and explain it to us. We’ll sum it up to our technical knowledge. There are lots of options to consider. Do you like to use smart lights? What about solar energy? We know almost everyone enjoys silence, especially while they’re working. So we make the container soundproof for you. What makes silence more pleasant? Our answer is perfect ambient air quality. That's why we also work on the HVAC of the container. But these are not all. You can see some other of our solutions in the below table. Don’t forget to share your imagination with us though. Maybe we could optimize your dream together.

Smart Container Options
Smart container features
  • Ability to install a GPS inside the container for positioning
  • Smart door and window security alarm
  • Control of openings, including smart door and window motion sensor
  • Automatic air freshener inside the container
  • Smart entry and exit control system
  • Ability to install a router with high-speed Internet
  • Ability to install satellite phones
  • Smart fire alarm system
  • Slide electric entrance door
  • Smart entrance door with password and mobile
  • Smart motion sensor windows
  • Smart internal lights with mobile control
  • Control of smart cooling and heating system inside the container
  • Smart safety system for smoke and water leakage
  • Smart socket system
  • Smart interior and exterior lighting system
  • Smart audio and video system
  • Smart sewage information system
  • Camera system with internet control
  • The smart glass inside and out
Additional Options
  • Containers will be installed at a distance of 15 cm from the floor.
  • It can also be installed and fixed to the ground.
  • All openings, including doors and windows, can be ordered with desired dimensions.
  • The roof can be both simple and sloping
  • Containers can be movable or fixed
  • Creating a sewage outlet system for wash basins and toilets inside the container
  • Ability to use the bathroom inside the container
  • Smart water tank
  • External Trailer for easy carrying.
  • Ability to use a variety of interior decor
  • Floor and ceiling wall insulation system against heat
  • Explosion protection material for walls, ceiling, and floor
  • Possibility of full use of glass on both sides
  • WIFI and Satellite mobile system
  • Movable wall system
  • Case of duplexing the container
  • Option of portable and patterned roof for the container
  • Smart Hidden room for the safe box.
  • Ability to use different materials with different weights in the structure
  • Ability to build structures in different dimensions based on customer demand
  • Solar water heater system
  • Ability to transfer the structure to the customer destination in each country
Service Support
  • 10 Years after-sales service.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to container
  • problems and breakdowns
  • make design for clients
  • provide pictures and production schedule for clients every 5 days

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