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Trusted by over 33,000+ Clients worldwide since 1999


We are located in Dubai, a place made to do business and provide world class services.

We Make The City Smart.

Smart city projects consultation and implementation services.

We Produce Converted Containers.

Production of converted containers to provide living and business spaces.

We Provide Smart Decorations.

Making aesthetically appealing & smart decorations for your business to blossom and thrive.

We Are Industry Smart.

Industrial automation consultation, implementation and product supply from any known brand in the world.

Future Awaits Us

And it’s busy and fast. And not even a far future. By 2030, a billion individuals will move to the cities. It would be five billion crowded cities in total. This future has its own needs: Optimal use of space for living, more automated and faster processes…

You Turn the Tables

On what is going to happen. Future has its challenges and challenges mean opportunity; Opportunity to unleash our full potentials. So instead, we await the future if we are smart.


We have taken on challenges that the future has in store for us. And the solutions are ready and in action. Future of housing with converting containers, future of city with smart city projects and future of industry with our industrial automation solutions.


R&D Driven

Research and development is rooted in our company culture. We start every new service, product or department after it passes through our R&D department.

Exemplary Customer Relations

Through our strong customer management system, we will not lose track of our customers and we try to be one step ahead when it comes to their needs and challenges.

Industrial Background

A very big part of our history is dedicated to industrial services and products. Optimizing, supplying and making sure our friends in factories are very well cared for and trouble free.

Representing Proudly.

Years of experience, R&D and customer data helped us to gain friendship with the people in the brands gathered here. click the button below to know each of them better.


Maleek Afkham | Operations Manager

Future sky people not only set up new automation systems to perfection but also they do it fuss free and without giving you a headache.
Alphonso marcci | Manufacturing Engineer

They explained everything and consulted me before optimizing my air-conditioning. So yes I give a thumbs up.
Rose Hamm | Startup founder

It is like they read your mind. Their designer gave me what I had in mind for my coffee shop container. When they were done I just started serving coffee.