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About Booths

Yet another convenient structure that is welcomed these days by individuals and businesses to reside or to be taken as a place to establish business are booths. They are chosen over conventional structures because of their futuristic essence and their convenience.

These small but effective spaces, during the construction period, do not exhaust the environment by using so much energy and conventional construction materials.

Booths are a fast and cost-effective solution for the new world, and provide new features that are only specific to these structures.

Exhibition Booth

Showroom booths are efficient, long-lasting, and visually appealing prefabricated structures for various applications.

Meeting & Phone Booth


Meeting & Phone Booths for businesses are a portable, convenient substitute for conventional meeting rooms. It is a means to provide a suitable ...

Other Booths


A dry sauna booth is a luxurious option to place in different locations. In these personal booths, you can relax, de-stress and elevate your overall health ...

Advantages of booths over traditional structure

Cost effective: Due to the use of modern materials instead of cement and bricks and faster building process, the price of a booth will be just a fraction of normal structures.

Fast construction: Almost every part of a booth is already made and it will be just assembled in a workshop and ship to customer.

Portable: Booths are light and small places which can be a temporary solution for businesses and work spaces.

Smart: This is specific to Future Sky Equipment models. With the smart technology and our experiences in this field we can design these booths to be smart and make use of them much easier and enjoyable.

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