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Smart Waste Management

Smart waste Management by FSE Automation

Smart waste collection system

Smart cities created by using sensors that can read, collect, and transmit trash volume data over the Internet create an efficient system to save cities money and save the environment. It is an innovative way that will help keep the cities clean and healthy. We provide essential services for people to have a comfortable and quality life.

Smart waste management system

This system optimizes more efficient routes for the trash collectors who empty the bins, which reduces the journey required for the recovery of waste but also lowers the chance of any bin being full for over a week and reduces operational costs. We ensure effective waste collection and treatment to preserve public health and overall liveability.

Smart waste monitoring

The level of waste in bins can be checked at regular intervals, which would prevent the undesirable overflow of the bin. The system by using sensors placed over the bins monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins. When a particular level of filling is detected, an information message is sent requesting a clean-up. And generate alerts in case of fire, vandalism, or unauthorized bin movements. Clean city by data!


Smart management of garbage trucks

Our sensor technology detects the size of the truck automatically and notifies the operator and driver once the truck has reached its maximum load capacity. Real-time information is transferred to a software platform for analysis and subsequent decision-making.

Advantages of Smart waste Management

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• Reduce CO2 emissions
• lessen air and noise pollution
• decreasing traffic congestion
• eliminate overflowing waste
• Save on waste collection costs.
• Pick up the bins at just the right time.
• There is no need for huge upfront technology investments.

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