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Smart Greenhouse

Smart Greenhouse

Turn your greenhouse smart

Smart greenhouses use sensors, conventional agricultural systems, and new IoT technologies to create a microclimate condition for consistent plant growth and optimize the growing process by providing an automated environment. If you want to get the best results and make farming predictable and efficient, our smart solutions help you create an ideal greenhouse automation system and gain healthy crop development under optimum conditions. 


Farming with one swipe of your fingertip

You and your family members can make your home the best customized. A smart and modern home service enables you to change a playlist, alter scenes, edit lighting commands, and more. Therefore, we offer innovative solutions that perfectly match your home and your needs and interests. It also enables you to make the changes you deserve and bring affordable elegance into your home.

Grow toward productivity

Future Sky Division offers the most competitive consultation solution in the field of greenhouse services. We are committed to providing excellent services to greenhouse owners or small-scale farmers that allow you to remotely log in and monitor or modify your greenhouse environment, which will result in maximizing the profit with the optimum input combination. 

Advantages of Smart greenHouses

We provide various services according to the scale of your operation and crop grew that you can choose from.

• Maintain the ideal condition on a microscale
• Prevent theft and improve greenhouse security.
• Better pest and disease prevention
• Remote monitoring and controlling
• Boost productivity and minimize risks.
• Improve the quality of products
• Saves resources and reduces energy costs.
• Extend the season of farming
• Peace of mind

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Service selection

We provide various services according to the scale of your operation and crop growth that you can choose from:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Electrical conductivity
• Co2 level monitoring
• Security camera for the greenhouse
• Soil moisture
• Irrigation
• The lighting system in the greenhouse
• Volumetric water content
• Access control system
• Accounting system
• Sales and purchase management
• HR management
• General maintenance archive
• Vendor and customer portal
• Mobile application
• On-site visit
• Online support

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