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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Shipping Container Homes

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Shipping Container Homes

2nd Mar 2023

Benefits and Drawbacks of Shipping Container Homes

The concept of shipping container homes was just recently introduced. Most people consider a cargo container to be nothing more than a means of transportation. However, shipping containers have significantly altered the worlds of architecture and real estate as a result of this new revolution. Here we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of shipping container homes today.

Many people are apprehensive and opposed to investing in them since they have little information about them. It would also be proper to fully comprehend this new entry. So why not read this article to find out what's good about them and what's not?

The Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

To begin, let us look at the lighter side of things. The following are the best features of shipping container homes:

Environmentally Friendly

Modifications are made to shipping containers in order to convert them into living quarters. The fact that recycling the Corten steel that containers are built of (Corten is a hardened sort of steel) requires a lot of energy just makes them more ecologically conscious.

They believe in reusing, recycling, and repurposing. You are reusing around 4,000 pounds of steel for a 20-foot shipping container. When recycling a 40-foot container, this figure rises to around 8,000 pounds of steel. You will also save money on wood, which will have an impact by lowering the rate of deforestation done to meet the need for wood and other resources.

They are also less environmentally damaging than brick and mobile homes. Traditional house cement and bricks emit the most toxic gases, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other inert gases.

Rigidity of Structural Elements

Shipping containers are not simply built of steel. Corten steel is used in their construction. The mechanical industry's toughest and most lasting grade of steel It is not only capable of withstanding large amounts of weight, but it is also resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

Over 70,000 pounds of weight can be comfortably carried in a single container. This container is not only appropriate for storing your home's stuff, but it is also capable of holding the fort.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tremors cannot compromise the structural integrity of these containers. This, in turn, provides you with a sufficient safety net in the event of severe weather.

Low-Cost Housing

We can't rule out the possibility that they'll be expensive. But not any more than traditional housing approaches. They have lower material and labor expenses. This equates to a 25% savings over comparable housing options.

The cost of a container home includes professional labor, supplies, and other additional charges.

Brick and mortar buildings can cost up to four thousands dollars ($40,000) without taking other aspects into account, such as interior design and landscaping. The land on which you build such conventional residences may also make them less cost-effective than you would like.

On this website, we have a thorough blog on home container pricing that you may read to learn more. For more information and custom designs, please contact FSE Automation.

Turnaround Time

The construction, assembly, and design processes of the shipping container home could take up to one month to complete, depending on the layout and design of the home. This is in contrast to traditional dwellings.

Apartments and multi story houses could take months or years to complete from the foundation up. This is a quick and easy approach to owning a home in less time than you expected.

With the structure already in place, such homes have their work cut out for them; all that remains is to transform it into something warm and habitable. That is why, even for a double- or triple-story home, 6 months is an inordinate amount of time to wait.


One disadvantage of other types of housing is that building and design must be completed on-site. Everything will be permanently erected in one location from the ground up.

When it comes to shipping containers, all of the work can be done in a factory off-site. All you need are your contractors and subcontractors to take the lead on the project, and once it is completed, transportation to the destination may be provided.

With some job sectors requiring frequent movement, their mobility is what has made them so popular in the business. A field office on the move will require a stress-free, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage modification.


These shipping containers may be standardized in terms of shape and size. However, with a well-thought-out strategy, you may turn the house into almost anything. Every house is distinct in its own way. You can choose between an open floor plan and something confined and isolated for your home. Windows and doors are positioned in accordance with all other characteristics.

From a home to a mansion, there is a bedsitter, an abolition area, and a separate guest house.

You hold the power, and your capabilities are boundless.

Market Readiness

Shipping containers are more readily available than ever before. A brief internet search yields various possibilities, allowing you to receive your home solutions quickly and easily.

Engineers and architects have embraced this new option for shipping container homes and are eager to share their knowledge. Containerization is currently more common than ever.

This means that switching to this eco-friendly, low-cost home might be as simple as 1, 2, 3, with a click of a button and an open mind.

While the business sector views this business potential as lucrative and profitable, the target audience may easily accept such services.

Security Procedures

Crime has increased dramatically in the previous year as the economy becomes less stable by the day. As a result, young people are turning to dangerous and unjustified means of surviving difficult times. Theft, armed robbery, and other crimes are just a few examples.

Fortunately, the structural substance not only allows for longevity but also for safety. Steel requires high-quality equipment to break into it. It's most likely dynamite, with strong, high-level cutting tools.

Even something as loud as a stick of dynamite may not be able to totally destroy the container's structure. Instead of raising concerns and suspicions among neighbors, If you live in a rural area, such a residence can help protect you against theft and other local crimes.

Unbelievably Cool Appearance

There are numerous advantages to creating a home out of shipping containers, including cost, durability, environmental considerations, and flexibility; we could go on and on about the pros.

The most significant advantage of shipping container living, however, is that they look fantastic! Your creation will pique the interest of people all around the world! Because of the flexibility of shipping container homes, you may make them appear as beautiful and distinctive as you want!

The Drawbacks and Challenges of Shipping Container Homes

It's upsetting to learn that not everything that glitters is gold. The same is true for shipping containers. While they have various advantages, there are some characteristics that may make them unsuitable for investment.

Permit and Building Code Issues

For certain locations, bringing a shipping container home is a novel concept. As a result, there are no building permits or codes in place. Shipping container homes are already permitted in numerous parts of the world.

Before deciding on shipping container dwellings, the user should consult with the local city planning and governing authorities about codes, zoning limits, and container housing demands.

Not Entirely Eco-friendly

Only when old, restored shipping containers are used for housing can eco-friendly shipping container dwellings claim to be eco-friendly. If the containers have been damaged or have a history of transporting chemicals, they cannot be used as housing.

Need Insulation

Insulation is not present in shipping containers. Insulation is provided based on the site conditions and the user's required R-value.

Requires Reinforcement

Even if the storage containers are made of strong steel, the roof unit can collapse during heavy snowfall. The issue arises when the container's corner castings are insufficiently robust. To solve such issues, the container's load-bearing walls must be reinforced or placed under a slanted roof.

Solutions to Shipping Container Home Issues

Here are some pointers to help you get ready to buy your first shipping container.

  • Be prepared to pay the price. Many people start container building projects because they believe they will be cheap. Shipping containers alone can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the labor costs for complicated and customized construction. Shipping container dwellings or larger homes can be as expensive as typical housing. Before you start looking for ideas for container homes, consider your budget.
  • Contact your city's planning department. While typical residences are subject to zoning and building restrictions, your local government may not have established regulations for container homes. Request information on non-traditional home laws from your local planning office. Find out if you need to make any additional considerations while developing your own container home layout.
  • Consider natural light when designing. Natural light is not allowed into steel cargo containers. Consider integrating glass doors or skylights when creating your floor plan to make your interior area appear bright and open. If the available space is insufficient, consider acquiring a high-cube container, which is slightly taller than a standard shipping container.
  • Before purchasing, inspect the container. As with any large-ticket item, you should inspect your container before purchasing it. Look for dents in the siding, rust on the exterior, and leaks, which can be costly to repair throughout the construction process.
  • Keep in mind the constraints. Because shipping containers are constructed of sturdy steel to transport products, they lack the necessary amenities for a regular living area. Door and window gaps, as well as snow on the roof, can jeopardize the structural integrity of your container. Before making a purchase, be aware of the structure's limits.


The economic situation is rapidly deteriorating. Things are much more expensive, and the ideal of having a home seems to be fading, so it's only natural to think like a minimalist.

Even those with little financial resources can benefit from a shipping container home. There is no dream that is not worthwhile to pursue. These homes may be the next great thing in the real estate sector due to their affordability, quick turnaround time, and structural competence. Future Sky Equipment offers many types of converted containers for various use cases based on the customer's demands, desires, and budget.