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How Long Do Shipping Containers Homes Last?

How Long Do Shipping Containers Homes Last?

3rd Apr 2023

Answered: How Long Do Home Containers Last?

Are you thinking of purchasing a container home but don’t know how long it will last? One of the reasons shipping containers are revolutionizing the alternative housing market is their longevity. Homeowners may be curious about how long a shipping container may actually function as a house despite its robust structural integrity. The typical 25-year lifespan of a container home can be doubled through proper maintenance practices. Here, FSE examines the longevity and robustness of shipping container homes in more detail.

How Long Do Homes Made of Shipping Containers Last?

There have been advancements in housing everywhere. These innovations range from adjustments to the design to gradual adjustments to the materials to the use of unusual building materials. The use of shipping containers for housing was made possible by the need to reduce costs and waste. To put this material to use, you would want to know how long container homes last.

The robust metals used to construct shipping containers are usually corten steel. They are robustly constructed to endure inclement weather. This is due to how exposed the ships that transport them are to the elements (sun, water, salt, etc.). However, these metals are not totally corrosion-proof.

Before they are scrapped, shipping containers are used by shipping companies for 10 to 12 years. The containers may not be useful for logistics needs going forward. They have been demoted from logistics and are being recycled or reallocated to start a new life. Homes should be long-lasting investments. They are not something you frequently want to alter. One of the most frequently asked questions is thus the lifespan of a shipping container.

Well, a container home typically lasts 25 to 30 years. Because a number of factors can affect endurance, we have chosen the word "average." The weather has a significant impact on the lifespan of a shipping container. For instance, a container home that is exposed to water and the sun's UV rays will deteriorate more quickly than one that receives less exposure. A shipping container home can soon deteriorate due to corrosion. The conclusion is that extreme weather conditions may cause these homes to live longer than expected.

What Affects a Shipping Container Home's Lifespan?

The key determinants of a shipping container home's longevity are its design, construction, and maintenance. If the house is built or designed improperly, it might not last very long.

For instance, some shipping container homes are constructed using several containers. The house may experience leakage or structural problems if the containers are not joined with high-quality welds and extra supports.

The stability of the container and the longevity of the dwelling may both be hampered by failing to reinforce windows and doors. The container's security is compromised when metal pieces are cut from it. To prevent the corrugated metal panels from warping, you must weld steel beams or bars.

A possible issue with shipping container dwellings is rust. Metal, which contains iron, is used to make shipping containers. Iron rusts when it is exposed to air and water, weakening the container.

The majority of dwellings made from shipping containers are painted to avoid rust because multiple coats of paint stop moisture from reaching the metal. However, paint inevitably ages and peels. Even a tiny chip could allow enough moisture to get to the metal for rust to develop.

Homes built from shipping containers should be routinely checked for rust and signs of faded paint. Early rust detection may allow you to attempt scraping it off with a metal brush. Scratches should then be removed with sandpaper before repainting. You might need to replace the affected area if the rust is severe. To repair the corroded steel, remove it from the container and replace it with another metal sheet.

As the majority of container homes are constructed using containers that are 10 to 15 years old, you also need to take into account the state of the shipping containers when they arrive at your lot. If some of the containers are already rusting, the house's lifespan may be shortened.

How to Increase the LifeSpan of a Shipping Container Home?

The previous paragraph makes it quite obvious that the life duration is not specified. Your shipping container's lifespan is within your control. It would be ideal if you took special care of these residences. How long your container home lasts is up to you. The methods for extending the life of a shipping container house are listed below.

Purchase Prefabricated Home Containers

This is a great technique to gauge how long-lasting your container homes will be. The majority of container homes that are manufactured use brand-new containers. The majority of these containers have only been transported once. The assumption is that they will continue to be durable. In contrast to those that have lost their use, they are free of dings and corrosion.

Purchasing a factory-built home entitles you to durability by default. The lifespan of your shipping container home would have increased from 25 to more than 40 years. In this situation, you will own the alleged 10–12 years of use by the shipping business.

The use of shipping container dwellings as alternative housing has been authorized in many nations. Numerous container-home businesses have emerged as a result of this growth. It suggests that purchasing a home made of shipping containers is simple. For various use scenarios, Future Sky Equipment can offer various types of adapted containers.

Work With a Reputable Home Container Modification Company

Before modification, a good container modification service will assist in cleaning the rusted area. This will aid in preventing additional rusting of the container. When it comes to the degeneration of shipping container dwellings, rust is the main cause.

Rust control will make your container house survive a lot longer. To guarantee that durability is increased, periodic rust checking is required.

Choose Cladding and Insulation

Insulation is a type of material made especially to stop heat from permeating your container home's walls. not just the wall but also the floor and ceiling. The average lifespan of your shipping container home can be increased by controlling the heat. In a complicated network of minuscule cells or channels, insulation traps gasses like air and other gasses. As a result, your container house won't get too cold or hot throughout the winter or summer.

Here, cladding is used to describe the external layer of wood used to cover your container home. It shields the container house from bad weather. It therefore increases the lifespan of your shipping container house. Every fear of devaluation is likely to be allayed by sound insulation and cladding. The wood layer will provide security, and insulation will guarantee a comfortable temperature.

Normal Painting

It is well known that painting is a useful method of metal maintenance. Painting can keep metals from corroding when they are in danger. Painting is the most common method of keeping metals in good condition. Like a cocoon is to a caterpillar, oil paint is to metal.

It is important to remember that these container homes only receive sporadic painting as maintenance. The business occasionally repaints these residences made of shipping containers. They look brand new with every painting, maintaining their original appearance.


Depending on the quality of the building and continuous upkeep, shipping container homes can endure twenty years or more. In contrast to traditional wood homes, they can cost about half as much per square foot.

Your shipping container home would undoubtedly remain in good condition for well over 50 years if you used the above maintenance strategies. Any product's lifespan that responds to maintenance may be difficult to predict. A container home's lifespan is determined by a number of factors.These variables include the metal type, the weather, and most importantly, the maintenance habits of the users. A house made of corten steel can survive a century if properly maintained. You can read other posts on FSE Automation to learn more details about home containers.