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Remote Power Consumption Monitoring

Monitor power consumption from anywhere.

Visualizing power consumption allows you to determine the function of equipment, discover related problems, assess the power consumption of equipment, and also determine if they’re on or off. The rapid use of electrical power within the last decade has caused issues, and the waste of energy generates millionaire losses for the countries. Therefore, there’s a necessity to optimize resources and have a real-time and simply accessible monitoring system for energy management of overall factories and corporations, hotels, municipalities, hospitals, shopping malls, and other public centers. Online power consumption monitoring in real time is the best solution for this concern.

The long-term goal of energy management systems is to cut back energy costs and conserve them by moving consumption to low demand periods, and for the long run, our regional efforts play a role in achieving a society that continues to have interaction with energy-saving measures. However, the answer for industries seeking to optimize their power consumption is smart energy systems that reduce overrun costs without sacrificing their eco-sustainability goals.

Hospital Energy Savings

Optimize energy performance, while maintaining quality within the function of health services without sacrificing comfort for both patients and hospital employees. Online power consumption control and monitoring systems in hospitals will help impact energy bills.

Online power consumption monitoring in hotels

Hotel energy management will assist you to reduce the bills unless decreasing the quality of services. You’ll be able to discover the highest energy consuming areas in your hotel (or chain of hotels) and implement energy saving ideas in these parts or resolve the probable problems.

Online, check the power consumption of my home or office.

Improve the efficiency of the systems and achieve a really smart building, which will reduce power consumption and waste, so you’ll be able to achieve its benefits. An energy monitoring system for your home can make a remarkable difference to your annual power usage by making small changes and monitoring it remotely.

Light and temperature control can help you to save energy in your building whether home, office or any other place. Energy saving will increase your life quality degree.

You can make a big difference in your yearly power usage by making small changes and monitoring it remotely.

Power usage control in the factory

Making small changes and monitoring it remotely can make a big difference to your factory power usage. A factory is a large energy consumer, but online power consumption monitoring can help fix this false process.

Saving energy resources in parks

Energy consumption and energy flows in parks and other public centers may be mapped by these innovative and modern technologies. Online power consumption monitoring can visualize unnecessary and irrational deviations in energy consumption.

Online power consumption monitoring in the greenhouse

Greenhouses need energy to control humidity, temperature, and light. You can use current and emerging technologies, such as online power consumption monitoring, to reduce electricity consumption in greenhouses, grow better crops, and improve your bottom line.

Shopping malls can save big on power consumption.

Smart control can help continuously monitor power usage, so you’ll be able to increase the profitability and competitiveness of running the mall and improve the eco-friendly image of your business.

Benefits of online power consumption monitoring for customers

Our company can equip your factory or industry with online power consumption monitoring. Online power consumption monitoring has many advantages for you, such as:


• Knowing about operational waste and making continuous improvement
• Recognize Sources of Waste in Real-time
• Create a system through which anyone, anywhere, at any time can monitor and visualize the results of continuous improvement.


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Why should I use online power consumption monitoring?

Online power consumption monitoring can give you this feature to test and control your power consumption in real-time.


Online power consumption monitoring can give you this feature to test and control your power consumption in real-time.

Control bill

You could get the bill under your control within time; this may help you manage your budget better.


You can improve the power consumption efficiency of your equipment by using online power consumption monitoring.

Peace of mind

Not wasting energy brings you peace of mind. This energy monitoring device is environmentally friendly and will help to avoid air and water pollution.

How can we help you?

In modern life, energy has a big role. All people should try to save energy in any way they can. Our company (FSE) can offer the latest technologies to equip your home, office, hospital, factory, etc. with smart and innovative features. These unique and creative solutions will help you to save consuming energy and reduce the bills. Online power consumption monitoring will impact your long term costs.


You can offer this energy monitoring system for your home or office now and optimize energy performance, as well as specify energy system defects. You can monitor energy consumption from anywhere.

Other smart services

Our office in Dubai offers different smart services to equip your environment. Our skilled technicians will help equip your home, factory, hospital, hotel, restaurant, greenhouse, and warehouse with the latest technologies of the day to save more energy and time.

We can equip your place with modern technologies to save more energy and money. Our company staff will help you design, set up, and repair any smart or digital technology at your place. You can order smart services according to your budget and life or business requirements.

We provide temperature monitoring systems for special industries to control heat levels remotely. You can equip a place like a greenhouse or warehouse with a smart humidity monitoring system. Smart pressure monitoring systems are another option for industries and factories. This option helps to control the pressure of gas, water, or other energy sources to avoid wasting them.

We offer an option for crowd places like stadiums, malls, and stores to control and monitor entrances. Smart booths or smart counting people systems help collect traffic statistics about people and analyze data about peak visitor times.

Another example of our smart services is the smartization of industries. In the industry, sensors, controllers, and measuring equipment help us make everything easy and automated. Take a proximity sensor as an example of how it could smarten and automate a production line.