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Future Sky Equipment in BIG5 Show 2022

BIG5 Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition (BIG5) was held on December 5-8, 2022. Future Sky Company participated in this extensive exhibition and introduced its various services and products to international attendees.

Future Sky showcased its capabilities in the supply and design of portable smart containers, industrial projects, and smart city and industrial automation products. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are among Future Sky's most important fields of activity.


We participated in this exhibition with Microsensor, one of the largest pressure sensors and flow meter manufacturers. In this international event, the online exhibition section of the Dubai Sensor website was introduced to the participants as one of our most innovative activities.


The Big5 exhibition is held annually as the most significant construction industry event in the Dubai World Trade Center.

As the gateway between the East and West of the world, Dubai is considered the best host for this event. This exhibition was held in 2022 on December 5 to 8 with the presence of the most important activists in the construction field. This exhibition aims to unite the activists of the global construction community to lead to economic growth and environmental protection.


The most up-to-date knowledge and the latest innovations, designs, and services in various construction fields are presented to the attendees of this exhibition. The goal of the BIG5 International Exhibition is to promote and develop the construction industry and support activists in this field all over the world. This exhibition is the best opportunity for those looking for the latest and most updated machines and innovations in the construction industry.


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