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E-V Charger Station for Tesla

E-V Charger Station for Tesla




United Arab Emirates





Client Request

The client requested the installation of a Tesla Model 3 charger station.


•Designing and constructing a durable kiosk to house the charger station.

•Ensuring the safety and protection of the charger station from environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature.

•Installing a reliable and efficient air circulation system to maintain a suitable temperature inside the kiosk.


The Future Sky team designed and constructed a metal cabin for the charger station and painted it to prevent corrosion. A temperature sensor (SAMWON SU103SR) and a humidity sensor (SAMWON SU-503BN) were installed to control the temperature and humidity inside the kiosk. If the temperature rises too high, six fans located on both sides of the kiosk will start working. An air inlet is also included on both sides of the kiosk for air circulation. The Tesla charging cable comes out of the back of the kiosk and is placed in a special compartment. A timer (SAMWON CNT-400-2P) shows how long the charger has been removed and used. An AUTONICS CR18-8DN2 capacitive sensor is used to detect the presence of a vehicle. The kiosk was covered with outdoor stickers and the logo of the ordering company was placed on it.

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Products Used In This Project

Temperature Controller Thermistor Input, 2 Relay Output - SU-103SR

The SU-103SR from SU-103 series is freeze controller that produced by Samwon Eng. The input sensor is a thermistor, and is operational in both AC and DC (optional) power.

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Humidity Controller 0 to 99%RH Input, Relay Output - SU-503BN

The SU-503BN replaces the SU-503B code and the only distinction between this code and SU-503B is the body's color. The humidity controller SU-503BN from Samwon Eng. uses a precise humidity sensor from Honeywell Company and working with both AC and DC (optional).

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Samwon Eng Counter & Timer Counters CNT-400-2P

The CNT series from Samwon Eng. is a specialized series of multifunctional counters and timers. They are 2-Segmented, NPN + PNP, have Relay/non-relayed outputs and operational voltage of 100-240VAC.

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Capacitive Sensor M18, NPN NC - CR18-8DN2

Regarding Capacitive proximity sensor, when the sensor power is on, the oscillation of the current is close to 0V. When the object approaches to the sensor, the capacitance will be increased and the oscillation of the current is increased. This output section will be operated by increasing the oscillation.

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