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Control the temperature of a room and receive email and mobile notifications when temperature reaches certain level


How can you control the temperature of a room and receive email and mobile notifications if the room temperature passes a certain temperature degree?


You can use a home automation system to control the temperature with industrial thermostats. In a panel box, you can place temperature controllers. These controllers simultaneously display the current temperature and activate the cooling or heating systems. Now it’s time to install a system that can activate the cooling or heating systems alternately and during the time intervals that you want. For this purpose, you can use smart switches and in the software, you can program which switch should switch at which time and on which days, and based on this, the switches start working. The third step is to get the alarm trigger from the output of the controllers to a smart device, and with this wiring, you can monitor the moment when the alarm relays are activated in the software. Finally, with some simple programming in the software, this feature was provided. You can make it possible to send a warning message to all specified emails and specified mobile phones when the high temperature alarm signal is received from the controllers.


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