Pipe Freezing Services

Pipe freezing is an effective way to isolate pipeline without stopping the operation. Pipe freezing can be attained by using liquid nitrogen to  freeze the liquid in the pipe. Procal is one among a very few companies who offer pipe freezing service  in Middle East.Procal is equipped with freezing chambers for different pipe sizes to provide the Pipe freezing service on time.  Our team is well versed to do perform the pipe freezing  in the day or night as per the clients requirements. We  offer the Pipe freezing services all around the Middle East.

Pipe freezing can be used to perform the following system modification

  1. Valves installation on existing pipe line.
  2. pipe relocation
  3. Line isolation.
  4. Pipe line termination.

Freezing can be suitable for the following pipe materials.

  • Stainless steel pipe
  • Carbon steel pipe
  • Copper based alloys
  • Aluminum alloys

Advantages of Pipe Freezing

  1. Avoid massive draining of fluid.
  2. System shut down is not required.
  3. Minimize manpower is required.