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SD-72M Samwon Temperature Controll

Samwon SD-72M

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SD-72M Samwon Temperature Controller


Special feature
Multi Input : Thermocouple 5, Thermoscope resistor 1, DC voltage 2, Direct current 1, Sensor input of 9 kinds of humidity sensors, etc.
Output : relay output  3(Standard), Electric current Output 2(Option), SSR Output(Option)
RS485, RS232, RS422 transmission(Option) : free provision of a monitoring program(use of 20 ea) for demonstration
Output current limitation: A function to limit the top/bottom of output current value
Simple operation : Simplification of each function to easily set it by hiding and minimizing complicated functions
Control method : PID control(setting up direction/inverse), ON/OFF control(setting up direction/inverse)
Heater disconnection alarm and sensor disconnection alarm
10 kinds of alarms
ON/OFF timer output function

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SD Series Users' Manual