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Samwon CNT-400

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CNT-400 Samwon Counter Timer


Output Type CNT-400
With contacts : 2 kinds of relay outputs(SPST(1a))
Without contact : 2 points of NPN open collector(V)

Output TypeCNT-700
With contacts : 2 kinds of relay outputs(SPST(1a)) , SPDT(1c)
Without contact : 3 points of NPN open collector(V)

Output Mode Couter
11 kind function(F→n→C→r→K→p→q→A→s→t→d) setting

Output Mode Timer
9 kind function(ond→ond.1→ond.2→FLK→FLK.1→FLK.2→int→int.1→oFd)setting

Input Mode
Voltage input(PNP) type → Use of internal voltage(0~30VDC)
Zero voltage input(NPN) type (Below 1kΩ impedance during a short circuit and over 100kΩ impedance while opened)

Power failure compensation function
A function to memorize the factor value in case of power interception

Input Mode Type Couter, Timer
Couter : 5kind function(U, d, Ud-A, Ud-b, Ud-C)
Timer : 2 kind function(U, d)

Ud-c among functions in an input mode
This is a function to control a position, etc. by using a counter and encoder with a phase difference input, and can set values of changing length per pulse, liquid quantity, position, etc. (free scale).

Time range timer
Possibility to set separately set hour, minute and second of the time range in a function setting mode

Special function output
A function to be operated by a setting value without being affected by the function setting mode and output operation mode(CNT-700)

Output time setting function(couter)
out1:10→50→100→200→500→1000→2000→5000→HoLd (Unit: ms)
out2:10→50→100→200→500→1000→2000→5000(Unit: ms)

Output time setting function(timer)