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Limit Switch

Limit Switch

  1. Limit switch becomes to make the aluminum die-casting in the case which is strong it maintains a long life in shick outside.
  2. Inner switch is composed of 2 stage, it makes with strong quality of material.
  3. Heat-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof structure.
  4. Protected structure : IP 67
  5. IC留덊겕 SH02210-7001 CE留덊겕


  1. Location decision of various machine.
  2. Passage confirmation and directional control of cargo work transportation machine.
  3. The other general industial machine.



Items Limit switch
Rating 6A 250V AC
max operating speed 0.1~1m/s
Operating cycles Electrical 120cycles/min
Mechanical 20cycles/min
Insulating resistance Min 100mΩ
Contact resistance Max 50mΩ
Dielectric strength Between live part 50~60Hz 1min
Between non-live part 50~60Hz 1min
Vibration protection Non-action 10~55Hz
Shoke protection Invasion 1,000m/s² Min
Non-action 300m/s² Min
Lifetime Electrical 1mil Min
Mechanical 0.5mil Min
Ambient temperature/humidity -10~+70°C/95% RH Max