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Samwon SU-105

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SU-105 Samwon Temperature Controller


Source of electricity
Basic form : AC100~240V(change rate of permission power ± 10%)
Option : DC12V, DC24V

Basic form :Relay output(AC250/5A, DC12V, A, B contact),Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H), ON/OFF Control, Ratio control
Option : SSR out(DC12V)

Basic form : Relay output(AC250/2A, DC12V, A,B contact), Conversion of Cooling control(C), Heating control(H), Possibility of conversion into an OUT1 ON/OFF timer and possibility of separated setting from OUT1
(example) SV1:25.0 SV2:50.0 OUT1: cooling, OUT2 : heating (SU-105t has no OUT2)
Option : SSR out(DC12V)

Relay Durability
Mechanical load : about one million times and above
Electrical durability : three hundred thousand times and above

Temperature : 0~50℃
Humidity : 20~85%

Special feature
Proportional control(pi) : Control of temperature after conversion into proportional control because the rising temperature cannot be controlled by remaining warmth in ON/OFF control (SU-105pt, 105k)
Filtering : Mitigation of it with a filtering value because there may happen a phenomenon that numbers swing when the sensor line is combined with the power route
Assurance of input sensor : A function to compensate it because there may happen an error in the detection value if the sensor line is lengthened or aged
Limit of setting range
Possibility of converting OUT2 into a timer and using it as an ON/OFF timer
LOC function : Locking to prohibit correction of detailed setting by anyone except for the installer

Dimensions : (W) 76mm×(H) 34mm
Panel size : (W) 70mm×(H) 28mm

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Samwon SU-105