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Intek: Industrial automation from Lubawa
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Intek: Industrial automation from Lubawa

 a company from Lubawa, Poland, is a specialist in the design of lines and devices that are elements of industrial automation systems. It offers a wide range of products including a complete supply of technological transport equipment along with turnkey industrial automation systems for various industries. Dariusz Balcerzyk reports.

Although Intek was officially launched in 2003, its history goes back as far as 1952 when a local State-Owned Machinery Centre was established in Lubawa. However, the political and economic transformations that took place in Poland at the turn of the 1990s found the Centre, inefficient and unprepared for competition, slowly losing its raison d’être. 

Intek was established on the site of the previous Centre, where it took over existing production and the entire workforce. Since then, the company has been fully owned by private capital. In its first year of operation Intek doubled its sales and increased its employees by 80 to more than 200 people. In 2006 its first turnkey contract was completed. At the same time Intek established a new welding hall covering an area of some 800m2. In 2008 the company purchased numerically controlled manufacturing machines. Four years later, a welding workshop with an area of 1200m2 was refurbished.

Slowly but surely

The company has developed step by step. “We adhere to the principle that first you need to build sturdy foundations and only when they are well embedded can you build a first floor. Once it’s ready, you can get on to the next floor. Another word: we have been developing slowly but surely. Our main aim is to develop the company so that each specific team could independently negotiate, plan and execute projects both in Poland and abroad. To achieve it we implemented our project management practice,” says Janusz Stefanski, the company’s president of the board of management.

Today, Intek’s annual sales are estimated as PLN 40–50 million, with exports making up around 80 per cent of total sales. Its products are present around the world: in Western Europe, Scandinavia, both Americas, Asia and the southern part of Africa. 

Intek is proud of its many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the development and integration of machinery, equipment and industrial automation systems. It offers complete solutions dedicated to clients’ individual needs, including design and the ‘turnkey’ implementation of automation systems for machines, production lines, industrial processes and whole plants. “We do not run serial production for stock. All our products are made according to the individual orders of our clients,” points out Mr Stefanski

Wide range of products

The company’s production takes place in a plant covering an area of over 50,000m2, including around 30,000m2 of production halls under its roof. Intek employs 260 people, but when there is a need it can increase its employee numbers by up to three times.

The company supplies its products to various industries such as metals, automotive, oil, furniture, metallurgy, garbage segregation and offshore. Intek has a team of engineers trained in mechanics and robotics and its manufacturing facility includes a hi-tech machine park. This enables complete control over the quality of its processes, ranging from mechanical and electrical design, trough execution, prefabrication of control cabinets, and ending with installing and commissioning at the customer’s premises. The company provides warranty and post-warranty service including remote diagnostics. 

Intek offers modern, innovative and robotised production systems that enable it to increase productivity and product quality, ergonomics and safety, and thus reduce the labour costs. The use of robots helps to adjust lifting operations, place the products and package them according to individual requirements. Robots are equipped with various grippers that lift, carry and stack a wide range of goods and semi-finished products. 

Intek also offers a wide range of automatic material handling solutions for use individually or to implement in existing or new production lines. These include technological transport systems: conveyors, elevators, turntables, transfer tables, stack devices, storage roll conveyors, box glue machines and operating platforms.

Intek cooperates with many partners that are important for its final success and further development, for instance with Baltic Polska-Pomorze, the largest authorised distributor of BARIL COATINGS B.V in Poland. Intek purchases stainless, high – resistance and carbon steels from company, Demark Ltd in Toruń, Poland.

Unique marketing approach

Intek stands out from many other companies thanks to its original approach to marketing. “Our marketing activities are focused on recommendations from our satisfied customers. As our experience in this matter shows, it is the most effective marketing tool in the industries in which we operate. This way we can establish very good contacts with both new customers and with various types of business partners. The World Confederation of Business, based in Houston, Texas, plays a very important role in this respect, as through WORLDCOB we have established many international contacts,” explains Mr Stefanski.

The mission of WORLDCOB is to promote business development worldwide, recognising and boosting the growth of leading businesses in every country through the special tools and services it offers its members. Today, WORLDCOB has over 3000 members, representing more than 120 countries across the globe.          



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