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PVPC EXPO - Middle East Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition, 2017

Organized on annual basis, PVPC EXPO - Middle East Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition provides an unique and effective platform for expanding business networks. This trade show is held by Global Fair International (GFI) with the objective to provide various trading opportunities to the professionals belonging from Middle East and other part of the world. Since last two years, PVC Expo is whole heartedly welcoming manufacturers, suppliers and global purchasers. This exhibition is all about valves, pipes, pumps, compressors and other equipment that are used in agricultural, plumbing, chemical and various other industries.

Whether it is small scale enterprises or large multinational companies they can contribute to their business's growth and development by participating in PVPC Expo. This exhibition is extremely popular in the Middle East area as it gathers more than 200 VIP buyers, more than 80 media partners, over 7500 professional visitors and 350 exhibitors from 19 countries under a single roof. PVPC EXPO - Middle East Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition is going to held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Abu Dhabi, the main industrial city in United Arab Emirates from 6th March, 2017 to 8th March, 2017. The exhibition center is covering around 4000 sqm area where the participants can showcase their products in the best possible way.

In PVPC 2017, it is expected to be an innovational meeting where local universities and associations will discuss about the developing technology and designs of pumps, valves, pipes and compressors. Scholars, entrepreneurs and specialists share their opinions about the problems faced by the professionals of this field and strive to figure out the solutions in conferences. By considering the last year presence of exhibitors, it is expecting that more than 300 exhibitors belonging from India, Germany, Italy, America, Japan,UAE, China, Iran, Oman, Kuwait and 10 other countries will promote their pumps, valves, pipes and compressors. Furthermore, more than 6000 visitors from the countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Oman, Kuwait etc. are expected

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