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The latest technology features in hotels
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The latest technology features in hotels

New York City, 05th of August 2016 – Innovative technology is everything: What used to be hot running water in European Grand Hotels a hundred years ago, are today technical gadgets of different nature. The latest technology trends come from the US – from where else?! Including: A voice control system for hotel rooms, solar charging stations for smartphones and pillows, which play music.

In two aloft Hotels of the US company Starwood they now implemented “Hey, Siri”: you can activate the central room control with a simple command to operate the air conditioning, lighting system and music. The voice commands are received by an Ipad with a special App. According to the company, those hotel rooms are supposed to be the first voice-operated ones in the world.

Communication with the guest in his room is a new, broad area for technological innovation. The German innovation “Gripps” is now entering the market – still a little bit clumsy but expandable. This energy saving switch speaks to the guest, by automatically reading text information from the room card. The synthetic voice can be generated in 23 languages. With this new technology, guests can be welcomed individually and can be informed about the offers of the hotel and its surroundings. To address the guest on a more emotional level, music can be added to the voice.

MGM resorts is more based on sustainability and equips the big casino resorts in Las Vegas with solar charging stations for smartphones and tablets. “Powersol” is an invention of real American women entrepreneurs and stands for the pioneering spirit in the land of boundless opportunities.

“Kushion” is the name of the new pillow for hotel rooms, which plays the guest’s music via bluetooth transmission or serves as handsfree system for phone calls. The battery is meant to last up to 8 hours playback time. Apparently, you can interconnect up to four pillows. It is not cheap, but at a price of 299 US-dollars per pillow, it is an interesting new gadget for hotel suites.


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