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Hogller HOMH0250FGCK

HOMH0250FGCK – Pressure Transmitter 0-250mBar 4-20 mA Germany

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Special features for Hogller Pressure Transmitters

 Origin: Germany 

The HOM Series offers the robust design with stainless steel housing of the HOT Series but uses a silicon based sensitive measuring cell for low pressure applications from 10 mbar to 500mbar.

With additional EMI / RFI protection, low static and thermal errors and high resistance to shock and vibration as standard, the HOM Series assures trouble free operation at temperatures up to 85°C

Abu Dhabi International Technology Exhibition (ADITEX 2017)

February 26 - March 1, 2017, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

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Abu Dhabi International Technology Exhibition will be launched in February 2017. ADITEX is set to be the largest specialized tech event in the Middle East, focusing on the most advanced aspects in emerging technologies. This event aims to start a new period for technology exhibitions by introducing a more interactive show floor, exhibition hall and conference centre, making ADITEX appealing to consumers and exhibitors. Located at the heart of the city at the Du Arena, Yas Island, which is a vibrant and attractive platform for the leading international companies operating in the field of technology.

Middle East Electricity 2017

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It was a privilege to witness the very successful Middle East Electricity (MEE 2017) Exhibition last February 14-16 2017 held at World Trade Center, tagged as the number one Power and Electrical Show in the Gulf. This exhibition allowed us to see the existing allies and competition in the market. This is where you will be able to showcase your power, your connection, your edge, and will be able to have your presence felt in the business world. Attending this event allowed me to show my support to our clients and also our suppliers who joined the said exhibition as well. All the best for all the exhibitors and visitors of the MEE 2017. 


PVPC EXPO - Middle East Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition, 2017

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Organized on annual basis, PVPC EXPO - Middle East Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Compressors Industrial Exhibition provides an unique and effective platform for expanding business networks. This trade show is held by Global Fair International (GFI) with the objective to provide various trading opportunities to the professionals belonging from Middle East and other part of the world. Since last two years, PVC Expo is whole heartedly welcoming manufacturers, suppliers and global purchasers. This exhibition is all about valves, pipes, pumps, compressors and other equipment that are used in agricultural, plumbing, chemical and various other industries.



Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter 0-400mBar 4-20 mA Germany

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Special features for Hogller Pressure Transmitters

 Origin: Germany 

The HOF range of pressure sensors guarantee a wide application field in a high accuracy, rugged and compact design.

The stainless steel membrane is completely vacuum-sealed, extremely burst resistant and applicable for all standard media across hydraulics, pneumatics, environmental engineering, process technology, semiconductor technology and automotive engineering.

As part of the stringent manufacturing process, all HOF pressure transducers are individually pressure and temperature tested to conform to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

With compensation and adjustment performed electronically, these pressure transmitters are characterized by a very low total error and excellent long-term stability.