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Middle East Electricity 2017

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It was a privilege to witness the very successful Middle East Electricity (MEE 2017) Exhibition last February 14-16 2017 held at World Trade Center, tagged as the number one Power and Electrical Show in the Gulf. This exhibition allowed us to see the existing allies and competition in the market. This is where you will be able to showcase your power, your connection, your edge, and will be able to have your presence felt in the business world. Attending this event allowed me to show my support to our clients and also our suppliers who joined the said exhibition as well. All the best for all the exhibitors and visitors of the MEE 2017. 


Hogller Pressure Transmitter in IOS 2017, TIIE 2017 and WETEX 2017

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"Your success is only fair." - AUMA

After meeting with Ms. Catherine Schultheiss, Exhibitor Organizer of IMAG, we have finalized and have already registered for the IOS 2017.

Hogller Pressure Transmitter will be at the Iran Oil Show, 6-9 May 2017, TIIE 2017, (both under German Pavilion Hall) and is working on participating on WETEX 2017.

For upcoming events, please visit www.hogller.com and www.fse-automation.com.

Eleven Years of Strength through Diversity

Per ardua ad astra - a Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars"

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Future Sky Equipment LLC celebrates its eleven (11) years of commitment to all of our clients and also to the people working with the company. 

There are two (2) points i would like to raise in this article/blog, the first one is strength through diversity. The company is composed of different people from different country, from same country of different provinces. I would like to raise that the strenghth through diversity simply means becoming more powerful despite differences. The most important asset of a company is its people, the teamwork, in the loyalty, hardwork, and perseverance of each and every member of the team. Team members who see and believe that they are contributing to the success of the team will do more than what is expected of them.