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Eleven Years of Strength through Diversity
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Eleven Years of Strength through Diversity

Per ardua ad astra - a Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars"

Future Sky Equipment LLC celebrates its eleven (11) years of commitment to all of our clients and also to the people working with the company. 

There are two (2) points i would like to raise in this article/blog, the first one is strength through diversity. The company is composed of different people from different country, from same country of different provinces. I would like to raise that the strenghth through diversity simply means becoming more powerful despite differences. The most important asset of a company is its people, the teamwork, in the loyalty, hardwork, and perseverance of each and every member of the team. Team members who see and believe that they are contributing to the success of the team will do more than what is expected of them.

The second point is the popular phrase Per ardua ad astra, a Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars". Future Sky Equipment LLC now has 11 years of background with Industrial Automation business, the company when it started only aimed and hoped for the best, who in the middle of crisis and adversities, stood tall and continue to do what it does best, that is to stay firm with the commitment it has to its people, to each and every member of the family it adopted in a foreign country, and to stay honest to its clients, who gives and shares success with them as well. 

Eleven years and counting, eleven years and now expanding; we now have other departments, Industrial Automation, Machinery, Commercial, and Hotel. With this growth, more opportunities will be given to its people and its client and our family will become bigger with the years to come.

Happy Anniversary to all of us and thank you for your continued support.

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