Datexel PRODAT-05
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Datexel PRODAT-05

PRODAT-05 Datexel Transmitter


The PRODAT USB is a USB programmer that can program the SMART and Slim range of signal conditioners from DATEXEL.

All the DATEXEL Signal Conditioners of the SMART and SLIM series can be programmed with the Prodat and any personal computer, both desktop or laptop using the USB port.

The 9 V battery, housed in the Prodat-04 is automatically switched on when it is in program mode to save battery life. As an added feature an external power port is provided on the side of the Prodat-USB. The battery or the external source, is able to provide power for the transmitter on the plug on the side of the Prodat-USB on the programmer.

The programmer is 1500 Vac galvanically isolated between the input/power supply side and the output side.

The programming interface PRODAT-USB developed, manufactured and tested in strict accordance with the quality assurance standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.
It is in compliance with the directive 89/336/EEC on the electromagnetic compatibility and the CE mark confirms the compliance of the product.

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